Windows designed to survive searing heat, arctic blasts and something even less forgiving – the fickle winds of fashion.

When you live and work in a part of the world where arctic winds come howling down from the polar icecaps all winter, you learn how to build exceedingly sturdy, energy efficient windows.

By using Douglas Fir as Loewen’s standard wood species, they ensure a certain imperviousness to the elements is built into every windows from the start. But they also take a number of extra steps to enhance this robust wood’s naturally tough characteristics.

For instance, all of our wood is treated with a special sealant. This not only makes it even more water repellent and decay resistant; it helps stain and paint bond securely to the surface. And, because many customers choose metal clad exteriors, Loewen offers durable extruded aluminum cladding in a rich palette of baked-on finishes.

Loewen uses thicker glass than other window manufacturers, making them better insulated, more soundproof and more impact resistant. Equally important to the unmatched quality of construction, however, is the enduring beauty of Loewen designs.

You see, the people at Loewen don’t just brainstorm; they are given the freedom to “trystorm” – the ultimate goal being the creation of innovative designs that keep abreast of current fashion trends, while simultaneously transcending them. So no matter what Loewen windows you select for your home, they will stand the test of time.